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Getting a custom logo for your business is extremely important for branding. There are a number of factors to consider when getting a logo designed, and if these measures are not taken seriously, then your image can have a negative effect on your growth and appeal.

Your logo can be used in a number of different places such as your website header and footer, featured on other clients websites, email signatures, company letterheads, company envelopes, invoices, signage and other places. So getting a suitable logo is VERY important!

Here are a list of factors that you need to consider for your logo design :

1. Image

Your logo should become your businesses most recognisable icon and overtime says more about your company then any other visual aspect. Therefore you need to choose a graphic that demonstrates your brand’s image. You need a logo that is timeless, and will still be relevent and eye-catching many years from now. Rebranding can be expensive so you want a logo that is right now, and right in the future.

2. Colour

Colour can effect how logos are perceived psychologically. Yellow can mean danger in some fields, white can be pure, and so on. Therefore selecting colours that are appropriate to your business and industry. You also want to minimise the number of colours to ensure that printing isn’t too expensive. If your business logo design incorporates 6 colours it will be a lot more expensive to print business cards than if your logo has 3 colours.

3. Consistency

Your logo should always look the same, so once your logo has been designed, it should look consistent across whichever medium it is displayed. Whether it is on your business cards, website, or letterhead, it should be the same consistent shape and colours.

In this crazy modern world, things move fast. And this is no difference in the advertising world. Making your brand stand out is very important, and now there is a new way. It may seem absurd, but it may actually catch on with people trying everything to promote themselves better.

If you want to make a sale, you need exposure. So what better exposure is there than advertising on a person? The latest marketing sensation is logo tattoos, which let you promote your business on someones skin! They are only temporary tattoos but they stand out and will definitely get peoples attention. Please God, don’t let this catch on!!